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about us

Revelry Wellness

At Revelry, preventative wellness is our mantra. Our blended approach combines medical expertise with personalized touch to provide the most effective health benefit possible. By combining the best knowledge and expertise in the field, we provide science-based treatments that are designed to help you be the best version of yourself. Our cutting-edge services include IV vitamin therapy to you stay healthy and energized, hormone replacement to reverse the effects of aging, and peptide therapy for the safest treatments of a large variety of conditions. Revelry Wellness helps men and women reclaim lost energy and vigor, sharpen thinking, improve memory, decrease body fat and transition their bodies to more lean muscle. Through our innovative therapies and EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE, our patients get better with age: they experience clarity of mind and vitality of body that they felt in past years, even decades prior.

Even though our team is located in Michigan, we serve people around the country through our Programs. Get in touch with us today to take hold of your life in a way you never have before. See what our services can do for you, by contacting us.